The other day I saw we were doing a lot of “pick-off” or “take-off” weld fixtures for a couple customers. I realized I have not even mentioned these fixtures yet in the years of this blog. IT IS TIME!

Watch this crude, six-minute video.

If you prefer going through the slide show without my voice-over, I don’t blame you! And with the slide show, you can go at your own pace —
check out this slide show.


To summarize:

These simple fixtures are often used in tack welding smaller parts onto bigger parts.

Tip 1 – Use holes and edges of the bigger part to locate the template.
Tip 2 – Hold the template in place so it doesn’t move while welding.
Tip 3 – Drill out inside corners to make them sharp if you are using that inside corner for locating the smaller parts.
Tip 4 – Make it easy for the operator to lift and handle.
Tip 5 – Mark it and plan for storage when the weld template isn’t in use.







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