When designing weld fixtures the designer must consider the effect of weld spatter on the function of the tooling.

Slides don’t slide if weld covers the rods. Production parts don’t come out of the fixture if they are welded to the fixture.

This really short video shows a fixture with a couple weld guards.

I am not a welder. I don’t know much about welding beyond the considerations required for designing fixtures used to hold the parts in place while they are being welded together. But I am open to learn, especially when the topic is about the design, build, and use of weld fixtures.

One of the groups on LinkedIn, Welding Management, was discussing weld spatter. I was impressed with many of the answers and thought I would share some here with you. The question posed was what was the best product for preventing adhesion of weld spatter.

There are some coatings out there that many companies use on their weld fixtures to prevent weld spatter from sticking. The coatings are expensive, so some companies only use it in some places, or don’t use the coatings at all and rely on sheet metal guards to protect areas where spatter would be a problem to the function of the fixture.

Here’s what some people said:

Andrew F. “If you are getting spatter the answer is not anti-spatter! The answer is to change your process variables. Either the wire size or type, the gas mix, or the weld parameters are wrong! Spatter is not a “given”! It is not something that should just be expected and accepted.

You don’t get spatter in true dip or spray, globular is the spatter producing range of “transfer”. If you really want to spend some money, without changing the variables. Buy a pulsed mig. Even these can give spatter if not used and operated properly! So, why not try changing your process variable first as this has next to no “on-cost”! “


Paulina N. “Pulse mode is great to reduce spatter problems.”


We as machine tool designers don’t have control over the method and skill used in welding. We have some control over how our jig or fixtures are designed.

But if you are involved in building the fixtures, you might be interested in some other comments on the best chemicals for protecting from weld splatter.

Michael B. ” There is only one….WELD-AID Nozzle-Kleen HD / Stealth Shield Technology. Use it and you will see why I do!!! Material stays clean, rated for use over 400A and can be used on a multitude of materials. Definitely worth the couple extra dollars over lesser or equal brands!!! “

Jean-Marc T. “I found that it doesn’t work very well with Ni alloys on the nozzle itself. For area on the part, we are still looking but we found 2 decent products on the market : protecto metal which is a thick protector and does the job and “blue magic”.”

Jim H., “We have tried most of the available anti splatter sprays and coatings in the uk. All with limited success none provide a total barrier to weld matter spray adherence.”

Wil van der S., “Try to contact your Fronius dealer and ask him if the CMT process can solve this problem.
In my experience cladding with CMT works great. Smooth, fast and very reliable.”

Weld Guard Materials

Copper and Bronze are often used to protect from common weld splatter because it is easily wiped off. Sometimes all that is required is a stainless steel shim shaped and bent.¬† I have heard that Rubber may be a good protector, but we have never used it at Rentapen… yet.

For Fun

Last Blog I showed a slide show of images from our visit to different manufactures. I also put together a video that’s kind of interesting. Before you hit PLAY, you may want to adjust your volume down. It can get kind of noisy in the factories.

Check out this video showing an Ambulance gurney-lift made with some 80/20 or ITEM.

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