Why would you design into your part-holding fixture the ability to adjust?

Sometimes you think you won’t need to design in adjustment with shims if your final product doesn’t need any kind of precision or fit.   But EVEN THEN you may want to design in adjustability to give you flexability just-in-case the product parts that you will be holding change slightly.

The video below demonstrates three reasons why adjustability with RAPid Blocks(TM) and RAPid Shims(TM) can help your weld fixture project test out smoothly. These blocks have many uses in weld fixtures and other product part holding machines. They are often used for precision adjustment of locating pins in a fixture as demonstrated in the video.

Handsome AND Smart!!!  Wow.  That guy in the video is George Straley, Founder and Vice President at Rentapen… and my husband of 36 years.

I think the video below will review for you how to use RAPid Blocks RB00 and RB02 with a locating pin to precisely locate product parts in a fixture.   I have shared this slide program before, but it is worth sharing again.

The fixture in that last slide is a picture of our sample fixture.  It is just holding a round tube and a plate with two holes in it.  Those are the two production parts (or parts of the product that will be welded together).

The fixture contains only 3 parts that have to be designed, detailed, checked and manufactured from scratch.

The rest of the parts are purchased components.

— Reid Pins (they really should have been modified so that the pins don’t stick up above the plate like that.  But we just slapped it together quickly to demonstrate RAPid Tooling Components(TM).)

— Jergens Flat Foot

— Jergens Rest Pad

— spring stop

— De-sta-co manual clamp

— RAPid Blocks (TM)

— RAPid Plates (TM)

— RAPid Riser (TM)

— RAPid Shims (TM)

Some of the RAPid Blocks are altered which requires some detailing and checking.

Once you get used to designing this way, can you see how it will not only save time in Engineering, but it will save time on the shop floor.


For Fun….

I love biking.  So I got a special kick when someone sent to me this fun article and picture.  Now that picture is all about blending machines and nature….

Some machines make our life easier.  Some are… just for fun.  Check out this useless machine.


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