Recently we learned that a former team member at Rentapen has been hit hard by a disease that has quickly moved him from weight lifting bench to wheel chair.

No longer able to work, yet it can take a year to start receiving disability. Such hard luck can put any of us in a bad financial situation on top of the struggle to deal with all the health and disability issues.

As the President of Rentapen, I am very proud that our Weld Fixture Specialist Team rallied in support. Rentapen teamed up with a Not-for-Profit to help us raise awareness and funds for our former team member.


An alternative treatment is providing some relief from the disabling symptoms of Mitochondrial Disease.

NRC (Neurological Relief Center) Treatments are proving to help Jeremy stand, walk, and take care of his daily functions like dressing and showering. Each treatment lasts a little longer. Until eventually he may only have to go back in for a once a month tune up.

Further down on this page is an article that was carried by several papers nationwide,(including the Boston Globe!), about the efforts and Jeremy’s struggle.

Our team created a video and web page for raising funds.

Please take a moment today to give back to a fellow machinist, metal worker, and all around nice guy. Donate today, or if you are in the Waukesha area, mark your calendar and attend the Bowling Tournament and Fundraiser on June 29th.

Read Jeremy’s article in the Waukesha Freeman.

If you are more comfortable writing a check, Waukesha State Bank has set up an account for donations. Write your check to the “Jeremy Dickinson Fund” and mail to:

Waukesha State Bank
PO Box 648
Waukesha, WI 53187-0648

Now, here is the article that was carried by the Boston Globe and several other news sources around the USA.

Tooling Component and Weld Fixture Company, Rentapen Inc. of Waukesha, WI, assists family in need.

Jeremy Dickinson (38) used to be involved in all areas of production for Rentapen’s fast growing RAPid Tooling Components™ line. Running the laser to cut steel shims, hiring and managing help, working closely with the CNC operator as they created Rentapen’s modular weld fixture tooling components.

Jeremy Dickinson shown with his family.

Jeremy Dickinson shown with his family before stricken with Mitochondrial Disease.

Dickinson left Rentapen in the spring of 2012 and began attending school full-time seeking a degree in Physical Therapy. A personal trainer and avid weight lifter, Dickinson was interested in helping others be physically fit.

Then, he began to have physical problems himself, and he began losing strength and endurance.

In the fall of 2012 he learned that he probably has Mitochondrial Disease. This is called the invisible disease because it is hard to detect even as the symptoms become more severe.

In a matter of months, Dickinson has lost the ability to exercise; he uses a walker to cross the room, and a wheelchair to get to the car. He has lost his ability to attend school, work to provide his family, play with his 10 year old daughter, bathe, dress, and drive.

“When we heard about the rapid decline in ability of Jeremy and how his inability to work or attend school has stopped all his means of support for him and his family, we wanted to help,” said Susan Straley, President of Rentapen

In May, Rentapen Inc teamed up with FundCrowd Benefits in order to plan a number of events to help raise funds for Dickenson in order to help with expenses of medical costs and medical needs. The first of three events is a 9 Pin No Tap Bowling Tournament at Sunset Bowl in Waukesha, WI starting at 2:00pm. Rentapen’s website makes it easy to donate to the Supporting Jeremy Fund. You can mail a check or use Paypal or attend any event that is scheduled.

“I really appreciate the help I am getting from Rentapen, family and friends. Being disabled and broke is extremely difficult and it is nice to know that people and businesses care,” said Jeremy Dickinson.

Rentapen Inc. the Weld Fixture Specialists located in Waukesha, WI. Is co-sponsoring the events. Rentapen designs and builds tooling that helps manufacturers save time in the design and build of their welding fixtures and tooling.

Rentapen is home of RAPid Tooling Components™ also known as “RTC”. Rentapen Inc., created the RTC product line in response to their customers’ need for dramatic reduction in the overall design, set-up, and build costs of weld tooling fixtures. RTC reduce the design cost of a weld fixture by eliminating the need to design, detail and check similar parts over and over again. While at Rentapen Inc., Dickinson was heavily involved in the production of these modular components.

RAPid Blocks™ are standard yet versatile parts that are used with locating pins, rest pads, jig feet, and other parts in a weld fixture. RAPid Blocks™ can be ordered with different hole configurations such as tapped holes, drilled and counter bored holes, press fit dowels, or slip fit dowels.

RAPid Shims™ are thin sheets of metal cut to size and used to finely adjust the location of parts in a weld fixture. Rentapen offers steel shims, stainless steel shims, NAAMS shim shapes, Die sharpening shims, Adjustment shims, Reid Tool Supply shim shapes, Douglas shim shapes, and custom shapes and size shims.

For more information about the events click here.


Are you going to the National Robotic Welding Conference in Milwaukee? June 3-5, 2013. If your are, stop by Rentapen’s booth and say “Hello”. I have a cool magnet for you.

We will also be accepting donations at the booth for the Supporting Jeremy Fund.

’til next time,

The Queen

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