Design and Manufacturing Show South 2013 (DMS)

In March, 2013, I attended the Design and Manufacturing Show in Orlando, Florida.  I visited booths by De-sta-co, Fanuc, Weis and others.

There were robots, grippers, slides, and microscopes used for inspection and small part assembly. The video is crude, but if you like mechanical gadgets and technology, you might enjoy the quick, condensed highlights of my day at the show.

You might enjoy this little video that was tweeted to me that shows welding in slow motion.


This weld jig was born out of the creativity of machine design engineers and built in our shop in March.




Rentapen is the Shim King. Check our our newest Shim King Video. The Shim King Rap! — Got to have fun.

But it’s all true, we are the Shim King. In February our New Marketing Coordinator, Nicole Thies, compared Rentapen’s Shim Prices to those of Douglas and Misumi. Here is what she learned.

Rentapen beat Douglas and Misumi on price every time. We use precision shim stock on all our shims.









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In the NEWS…

Rentapen was featured in an article in the Small Business Development Center’s Annual Report.

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